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Nova Scotia Breakfast Program

Margo Riebe-Butt, Consultant

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More than 360 breakfast programs are thriving in schools and communities around Nova Scotia!  Eighty-four percent of all public schools offer a universal, free breakfast program in schools or in community settings with established partnership with schools. In excess of 4 million meals are served annually as part of the Provincial Breakfast Program (PBP).

The Provincial Breakfast Program provides funding, resources and leadership to eight public school boards, who in turn distribute funding to schools based on local knowledge and conditions. The PBP is funded by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness. 

Provincial Breakfast Program Standards were released in 2008 to assist breakfast programs in achieving best practices standards for nutrition program delivery.  The PBP is supported by the Nova Scotia School Food & Nutrition Policy and the Health Promoting Schools program, and together these initiatives help create an environment where students can become engaged learners and healthier Nova Scotians for life.

Breakfast programs are well entrenched; owned, embraced and supported by school communities. Principals, parents, staff, students, volunteers, service clubs, faith communities, local businesses and other non-profit organizations all contribute to program success.

The success of the PBP has led stakeholders in Nova Scotia to co-create and vision a new model in support of community-based healthy food initiatives (such as meal programs, school gardens, cooking skills, farm to school & fruit & vegetable campaigns). The intention is to nourish all children and youth in Nova Scotia so they are ready to learn, & to increase food literacy so that they can feed themselves well into a healthy future.  

The new model will provide grants and resources to support food and nutrition programs as well as advocate for the nutritional health and well-being of children and youth.  Their mandate will also include cultivation of nutrition knowledge, food skills and healthy eating practices through various education and awareness building activities.

The government of Nova Scotia is supporting the transition of the Provincial Breakfast Program to a new “Made in Nova Scotia Model.”

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Nourish Nova Scotia

A group of committed community and government stakeholders have come together to build on the successful provincial school breakfast program. The goal is to support broader child nourishment and food literacy programs in our school communities and to cultivate an overall healthy food environment.

Margo Riebe-Butt, Consultant

(902) 424-6429

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