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President's Choice Children's Charity

Peggy Hornell, Senior Director

905-459-2500 ext. 613626

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President's Choice® Children's Charity helps Canadian children live to their full potential. We are committed to supporting children's health and wellness across Canada. Our focus is on childhood nutrition and children with disabilities. President's Choice® Children's Charity helps kids through grants for childhood nutrition programs and provides support for families with a child with a disability. We believe nutrition is fundamental to children's health and we want to provide the resources necessary to fuel a better learning environment. Our support of children's health is accomplished by being the National Premier Sponsor of Breakfast for Learning and through the President's Choice® Children's Charity Basic Needs Brighter Future Program in partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada. We support children with disabilities by providing financial grants for essential specialized equipment and essential therapists. Through individual grants, the charity is able to supply much needed resources and help provide a renewed sense of independence, dignity and freedom.

Breakfast For Learning

Kelly Berlinic, Director, Community & Organizational Development


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Breakfast for Learning is committed to ensuring Canadian children and youth in high-need schools are well nourished and ready to learn, giving them the best chance of success in life. As Canada’s first and one of the largest charities focusing on nourishing children, Breakfast for Learning has been helping support and sustain school-based breakfast, lunch and snack programs for over 20 years. Since 1992, Breakfast for Learning has helped 3.4 million children and youth across Canada enjoy over 510 million meals and snacks.

Breakfast Clubs of Canada

Lisa Clowery, Director, Major Accounts

(450) 449-4900 x 223

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Breakfast Clubs of Canada supports and improves school breakfast programs across Canada through funding and by supplying kitchen equipment, food donations, and management and training tools to our partners on the ground (school boards, regional organizations and schools). Our mission is to ensure that all Canadian children, in particular those who are in greater need, start their school day with a nutritious breakfast in an environment that promotes self-esteem.

Aboriginal Nutrition Network

Elisa Levi, Chair

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The Aboriginal Nutrition Network provides a forum for registered dietitians working in Aboriginal communities or those with a general interest in Aboriginal nutrition issues to network and share resources and information. The network also raises awareness of Aboriginal nutrition needs and promote nutrition as a career choice among Aboriginal students.

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