Canadian Food Strategy Consultation

Posted 2013-01-18
Written by Lauryn Kronick
Category Administration
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Breakfast for Learning (BFL) has been asked by The Conference Board of Canada  to participate in their Canadian Food Strategy Consultation and we have been further invited to have our broader BFL constituency group participate in the consultation process through your direct participation in an on-line consultation process.
As such, we are forwarding The Conference Board of Canada’s on-line Canadian Food Strategy Consultation document, and ask that you consider participating in it accordingly and kindly request that you complete the on-line survey by January 31, 2013 and forward copies of it to others within your network who are passionate about food.
The Conference Board’s Centre for Food in Canada (CFIC) invites you to provide your online feedback and assessment of draft content for the Canadian Food Strategy.
The principal goal of CFIC is to engage stakeholders from business, government, academia, associations, and communities to create a Canadian Food Strategy—one that will meet the country’s need for a coordinated, long-term strategy.
In-depth research by the Conference Board–more than 20 studies—has been undertaken to inform the development of the draft Canadian Food Strategy. It covers five main pillars: industry prosperity, healthy food, food safety, consumer security, and environmental sustainability.
Your Opinion Matters! Provide your responses and feedback to help us to refine the content and form of the Strategy, which we will release publicly in November 2013.
Please visit the following link to provide your feedback on the draft Canadian Food Strategy:
The survey should take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete. Please feel free to share this link with your colleagues, customers, other organizations or individuals who are passionate about food.
Please complete the survey by January 31, 2013.
Confidentiality is important to the Conference Board. All survey responses will be combined with those of other respondents, and results will be analyzed in the aggregate. Responses will not be attributed to a specific organization or individual.
For more information about the Centre for Food in Canada, please visit our website:
If you have any questions on the online survey, please contact: Erin Butler, Research Associate at or 1-866-711-2262 ext. 323.
Thank you in advance for your participation! We look forward to receiving your completed online consultation submission.
Consultation en ligne du Conference Board du Canada sur la stratégie alimentaire canadienne
Le Conference Board du Canada poursuit une initiative pour développer une stratégie alimentaire canadienne qu'il publiera officiellement en novembre 2013.
La Stratégie repose sur cinq piliers : la prospérité des secteurs industriels, une saine alimentation, la salubrité des aliments, la sécurité des consommateurs et la durabilité environnementale.
En plus des 20 projets de recherche, nous organisons également une consultation bilingue par internet disponible au
Le Conference Board du Canada vous invite à commenter et évaluer en ligne cette version provisoire de la Stratégie alimentaire canadienne.
Vos réponses nous aideront à peaufiner le contenu et la forme de la Stratégie. Le questionnaire prendra près de 20 à 25 minutes à compléter. Notez que la consultation par internet se terminera le 31 janvier, 2013.
La confidentialité est importante au Conference Board. Toutes les réponses seront combinées. Ainsi, les résultats seront analysés dans leur ensemble et aucune réponse ne sera attribuée à un individu ou organisation en particulier.
Pour plus d’informations sur notre démarche, sur les sommets alimentaires, soit pour télécharger nos publications, voyez (an anglais seulement).
Pour toutes questions sur la stratégie, la consultation, le centre, la recherche, veuillez communiquer avec le Dr Jean-Charles Le Vallée au
Nous vous remercions pour votre participation.