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Through the Canadian Child & Youth Nutrition Program Network (CCYNPN) organizations across Canada have come together to speak with one voice on the issues of child hunger and nutrition here in our country. We are truly a national network with representation in all provinces and territories. Our mandate is to raise awareness of the critical importance of child and youth nutrition programs as they relate to the issues of health, agriculture and the economy.

On this site you will find links to organizations working to improve the nutritional health of Canadian children. You will also find resources including research that demonstrates the impact of child and youth nutrition programs as well as policy documents.

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Food + giving = enthused students in Waterloo Region

Nutrition for Learning supports nutritious food programs for 14,000 students in 145 elementary and secondary schools in Waterloo Region. A new pilot project, a bulk-buying program, will buy and deliver food to 26 schools. By doing so, the organization shoulders some of the labour that can exhaust busy volunteers and staff at schools, and it gets a better price by buying in bulk.

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Toronto Star: Muslim charities look to give back locally

Toronto’s Muslim Welfare Centre has led the trend of donating locally, after years of Islamic charities focusing on international aid. The Muslime Welfare Centre has donated $30,000 to the Toronto Foundation for Student Success to help support Student Nutrition Programs across Toronto.

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The Importance of School Breakfast Programs

Dr. Rosana Pellizzari, Medical Officer of Health for Peterborough City and County, writes about the importance of breakfast programs as an asset for all students that contributes to their health, academic and personal success.​

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